Avery Johnson Fired

Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson (Photo credit: BigHan)

Brooklyn’s head coach Avery Johnson lost his job Thursday morning after his team suffered its tenth loss in December, losing to the Milwaukee Bucks, 108-93, Wednesday night.

Perhaps the firing should come to no one’s surprise considering how poorly Brooklyn has played this month. It’s been the same story with the Nets this season: they play well in stretches only to sabotage themselves with turnovers and sloppy play in the second half of games. In the losses to the Celtics and Bucks, the Nets’ malaise were beginning to manifest in second quarters. Brooklyn’s futility stems from the inconsistent play of star guards Deron Williams and Joe Johnson.  Although they are largely responsible for the team’s struggles, more times than not the head coach will always be the first to suffer the repercussions for inadequate results. I can’t say that I wasn’t disappointed with Avery’s dismissal.  Johnson is an excellent head coach and it is unfortunate that he could not get the most out of his players to save his job. With that said, Brooklyn’s futility seemed to imply that Johnson’s system was incompatible with the personnel. Now that he is out of the picture, Brooklyn must replace him with a coach that has cache (Phil Jackson) and can get the most of a talented roster (Phil Jackson). Guess who I think should be the next Nets’ head coach?


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