Nets Drop Pistons in Double-OT

Here’s a clip of the Nets-Pistons game from

Joe Johnson’s fadeway jumper lifted the Nets to a 107-105 win over the Detroit Pistons at Barclays on Friday. Johnson finished with 28 and scored the last five in the second overtime. Gerald Wallace was also a major offensive contributor for the Nets with 25 points and 10 rebounds. Just being able to squeak past the Pistons is indicative of how much Brooklyn has struggled in the month of December. Once again, the Nets have allowed a team to come into their building and score 100+.  Has Brooklyn forgotten how to play defense? Where’s the communication? the effort? the tenacity that propelled the Nets to an 8-2 record at the beginning of the season? I have no clue why Brooklyn has lost its focus nor am I confident that the team will find it in time before heads begin to roll.


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